Social Togetherness: Spandana Gopal in Conversation

May 30, 2020 · 0 Comments

twentytwentyone are honoured to work with wonderfully creative designers, makers and manufacturers and today we are talking to Spandana Gopal founder of Tiipoi, a design studio based between Bangalore and London.

Where’s home for you?

Currently NW8, but moving to Lower Clapton soon.

What are the highlights of your home-working day?

Food has been a highlight and we’ve been eating and experimenting with different ingredients (wild garlic at the moment), usually a glass of wine with lunch after a mat-based workout!

My ‘workday’ usually starts at about 14:00 these days till about 18:00. I keep staring at my literally unsolvable puzzle of white rice (also on the dining table taking up a lot of space) Take breaks to read books that I haven’t read – lots of design history books. The evenings have unfortunately been consumed by Netflix – Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul (which is excellent).

What creative pursuits are you doing now that you ordinarily wouldn’t manage if the world were at its normal pace?

I knitted some slippers and I tried to make objects out of vegetable pulp – that didn’t go too well.

Are you learning a new skill, craft or hobby? 

Refreshed my knitting skills. playing some songs on the piano – I learnt a song by Rhianna last week.

What positive change might come from Covid-19?

The end of capitalism. We will go back to growing vegetables, trading clothes and goods, not travelling by air, but opening borders in new ways – maybe camper vans will be a thing of the future!

Any interesting projects, exhibitions or launches for later this year?

Not sure yet, but we think we will continue developing products and working with interesting materials – maybe thinking up a new type of event where we can engage with our audiences through entirely new ways? 

Given time to reflect, what would be your wish for a new piece of furniture or lighting?

More like a portable food truck-come-shop which we could drive around London. Moving architecture for nice objects, food and people.

Many thanks to Spandana for taking the time to talk to us.



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