Carl Hansen weaving demonstration for London Craft Week

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Carl Hansen weaving demonstration at Upper Street

A date for your diary: as part of London Craft Week, our Upper Street shop will be hosting a live weaving demonstration courtesy of Carl Hansen and Son.

Benny Hammer Larsen, Carl Hansen and Son’s master weaver, will be setting to work in-store to showcase the highly skilled paper cord weaving technique used in the production of each Carl Hansen chair.

Carl Hansen weaving demonstration at Upper Street

Benny visited us last year, when he worked on the paper cord seat of the CH22 lounge chair designed by Hans Wegner. This year he will be weaving the seat of a different but no less illustrious Wegner design: the CH23 dining chair.

Designed at the same time as the iconic CH24 Wishbone chair, the CH23 was one of the first four chairs that Wegner designed for the renowned Swedish furniture manufacturer.

Ch23 dining chair by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son

Relaunched by Carl Hansen at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair after five decades out of production, the CH23 has an intricate double-woven paper cord seat that requires considerable experience and skill to produce.

Ch23 dining chair by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son

Benny will be craftsman-in-residence at our Upper Street shop from 10am to 12pm on Saturday 6th May.

So whether you’re interested in modern design or simply intrigued to watch a master craftsman at work, do join us for what promises to be a fascinating insight into the expertise and heritage that goes into making each Carl Hansen chair.

Carl Hansen weaving demonstration at Upper Street

Special edition CH24 in elm

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Carl Hansen & Son special edition elm Ch24 Wishbone chair by Hans J Wegner

Popularly known as the Wishbone chair, the CH24 was one of the first chair designs that Hans J Wegner created for Carl Hansen & Son.

It has been in continuous production since 1950 and remains one of the most immediately recognisable and widely loved designs of the twentieth century.

Carl Hansen & Son special edition elm Ch24 Wishbone chair by Hans J Wegner

In 2017 Carl Hansen is marking Wegner’s birthday by issuing a special edition CH24 in elm wood – the first time that the remarkable chair has been produced in this distinctively toned and beautifully grained wood.

With an oiled finish and a natural paper cord seat, the finishing touch is provided by laser-engraving Wegner’s signature and date of birth on the inside of the chair frame.


The special edition elm Wishbone chair is available for a limited period only and must be ordered by 27th April 2017.

We currently have a set of six elm CH24 chairs on display at our River Street showroom.

Carl Hansen & Son special edition elm Ch24 Wishbone chair by Hans J Wegner

View the special edition elm CH24 chair on our website here. Or visit our showroom to experience this very special chair for yourself.

Carl Hansen weaving demonstration

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Live papercord weaving demonstration at Upper Street with Carl Hansen's master weaver Benny

Visitors to our Upper Street shop on the morning of Friday 10th June were lucky enough to observe one of the many highly skilled processes involved in the construction of each Carl Hansen & Son chair.

Live papercord weaving demonstration at Upper Street with Carl Hansen's master weaver Benny

Carl Hansen’s master weaver Benny was in-store to offer a live demonstration of the craft of papercord weaving, working to create a new seat for an oak-framed CH22 chair by Hans Wegner.


The CH22 lounge chair occupies a very special position in the history of Danish design, being part of the debut collection that Wegner designed for Carl Hansen & Son in the 1950s, alongside such classics as the CH24 Wishbone chair and the CH25 lounge chair.

The CH22 is now being reissued by Carl Hansen along with its companion, the CH26 armchair. Both have been produced to Wegner’s original specification and are now available to view and order at our shop and showroom.

All visitors to the shop during the Carl Hansen papercord weaving demonstration received a free print

Visitors to the shop during the demonstration received a complementary Carl Hansen print as a memento.

Many thanks to Benny and Carl Hansen & Son for a remarkable illustration of the craft, expertise and heritage that are integral to each Carl Hansen chair.

Live papercord weaving demonstration at Upper Street with Carl Hansen's master weaver Benny


Carl Hansen craftsmanship at Upper Street

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Carl Hansen weaving demonstration at Upper Street

Join us at our Upper Street shop for an exceptional opportunity to observe a master craftsman at work and gain an insight into the construction of a genuine design classic.

Benny Hammer Larsen,  Carl Hansen and Son’s master weaver, will be conducting a demonstration of the papercord weaving technique that is used in the production of each handmade Carl Hansen chair.

Carl Hansen weaving demonstration at Upper Street

Benny will be working on two designs by Hans Wegner – a CH22 lounge chair and a CH26 arm chair – both of which hold a very special place in the history of Danish design.

The CH22 was the first chair that Wegner designed exclusively for Carl Hansen & Son in 1950, appearing in his debut collection for the manufacturer alongside such classics as the CH24 (popularly known as the Wishbone chair) and the CH25 lounge chair.

CH22 and CH26

By contrast, the CH26 is a design that never went into production, but represents Wegner’s elegant adaptation of the CH22 into a dining chair. Produced according to Wegner’s original and exacting specification, the CH22 and CH26 are now being reissued by Carl Hansen.

Meanwhile, Benny Hammer Larsen’s dedication to his craft is perhaps best illustrated by his tattoo – of a Wishbone chair.

Carl Hansen weaving demonstration at Upper Street

Join us 10am – 12pm on Friday 10th June at the twentytwentyone Upper Street shop for an insight into the skill, expertise and heritage that combine to make a Hans Wegner Carl Hansen chair.

At home with Carl Hansen and Mourne Textiles

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Weaving workshop for London Craft Week

London Craft Week sees a special collaboration between Carl Hansen & Son and Mourne Textiles that celebrates the craftsmanship and heritage of these two unique family-run businesses.

Mourne Textiles have transported a traditional hand-weaving loom from their workshop in Ireland and have installed it in Carl Hansen’s London showroom in order to demonstrate weaving techniques to the public. In addition, a range of Mourne’s heritage fabrics will be used to upholster chairs designed by Hans J Wegner and Ole Wanscher currently produced by Carl Hansen.

The event runs from 3rd May to 5th May at 16A Bowling Green Lane, London EC1R 0BD. More details can be found here.

Following the event, some of the chairs upholstered in Mourne textiles will be on display at twentytwentyone’s River Street showroom.

Mourne Textiles weaving workshop at Carl Hansen's London showroom

CH24 Wishbone chair: 6 for 5 Black Friday promotion from Carl Hansen & Sons

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The Wishbone chair designed by Hans J Wegner in 1949

Carl Hansen and Son have announced a Black Friday Weekend promotion on a true icon of modern Danish furniture design – the CH24 dining chair.

Popularly known as the Wishbone chair, the CH24 was designed by Hans J Wegner in 1949. Its distinctive organic curves, comfort, craftsmanship and durability have ensured that it remains an enduring classic.

Detail of the CH24 Wishbone chair by Hans J Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son

Now Carl Hansen & Son are offering customers a sixth chair free with orders of five CH24 chairs placed by Sunday 29th November.

The following finishes will be available on a 1-2 week leadtime: oiled oak/natural cord, soaped oak/natural cord, oak white oil/natural cord, oak painted black/natural cord, beech soap, beech oil, beech painted white and beech painted black.

This leadtime will ensure delivery before Christmas.

In addition, the following finishes will be available on a 4-6 week leadtime: ash white oil, ash soap, walnut oil, beech natural black/papercord.

CH24 Wishbone chair by Hans J Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son

See the CH24 product page for further details on this exceptional opportunity to acquire a genuine icon of twentieth-century design.

The making of the CH24: a Carl Hansen video.


Hans Wegner and the pursuit of the “good chair”

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Hans Wegner is one of a handful of designers who helped to define modern Danish design.

In a career spanning more than seven decades, Wegner worked quietly and consistently on a remarkable range of designs that were to transform the domestic aesthetic and become coveted classics.

Hans Wegner at work

Above all, Wegner was a master craftsman with a keen understanding of the properties and potential of natural materials. He was apprenticed to a carpenter at the age of 17 before studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and subsequently training as an architect, and throughout his career he would sketch, model and then hand-build the prototypes for his designs.

Designed in 1957, the CH 33 chair exemplifies Wegner’s profound appreciation of wood as well as his consideration for the end user. This exceptionally light, comfortable and stable chair has a rounded, organic form that gently embraces the sitter.

The CH33 chair, designed by Wegner in 1957.

“A chair is to have no backside,” Wegner pronounced: “It should be beautiful from all sides and angles.”

The CH 33 fulfills this design criteria while elegantly expressing the innate qualities of the materials and the processes used in its production. The legs and cross pieces are broadest where they support load-bearing joints and fluidly taper where the distribution of weight allows.

The visible joints where the backrest fixes to the back legs are another Wegner hallmark – a small but emphatic detail that celebrates the skill and craft involved in making this chair.

The Anniversary edition of the CH33, produced by Carl Hansen

Wegner described the evolution of the “Danish style” as “a continuous process of purification, and of simplification, to cut down to the simplest possible elements of four legs, a seat and combined top rail and arm rest.”

The CH 33 represents a key point in this pursuit of purity and simplicity of form while its distinct sculptural qualities anticipate Wegner’s more expressive works of the 1960s, such as the CH 07.

The CH07 chair designed by Hans Wegner and reissued by Carl Hansen to commemorate the centenary of his birth in 2014

Unsurprising then, that when Carl Hansen & Son celebrated the anniversary of Wegners birth in 2014, they did so by releasing a special edition of the CH 33 in oak and walnut.

The Anniversary CH 33 pays homage to Wegner’s fondness for mixing different woods in his designs. The combination of light and dark wood also serves to highlight the chair’s physical construction and gracefully emphasises the craftmanship that was central to Wegner’s design philosophy.

The CH33 designed by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son

The ideal chair, Wegner mused with characteristic modesty, “does not exist. The good chair is a task one is never completely done with.” As a result, Wegner designed over 500 chairs in the course of his career.

When asked what his other interests were, his daughter Marianne (who was to take over his studio when Wegner retired in the 1990s) laughingly replied: “Apart from furniture? None.”

Hans Wegner photographed with a small number of the chairs he designed.

Carl Hansen & Son is currently offering a special promotion on a selection of chairs designed by Wegner – including the CH 33. Until 11th December, customers will be able to order five chairs and receive a sixth chair free.

This offer extends to the following models: CH 20, CH 29, CH 33, CH 36, CH 37, CH 46, CH 47 and CH 88, and includes all available finishes.

The ideal chair may remain an elusive ideal, but Wegner’s legacy leaves us with very many, very good chairs to chose from.

Autumn promotion on Hans Wegner chairs for Carl Hansen & Son

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CH 88 chair by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen

Carl Hansen & Son is currently offering a special promotion on a series of iconic chairs designed by Hans Wegner, one of the foremost Danish designers of the modern period.

The offer extends to the following models: CH20, CH29, CH33, CH36, CH37, CH46, CH47 and CH88, and includes all available finishes.

CH 36 chair by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen

From 14th September until 11th December, customers ordering five chairs in the participating ranges will receive a sixth chair free.

An exceptional opportunity to acquire a set of classic twentieth century chairs at an equally exceptional price…

CH 33 chair by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen


The daybed – an everyday essential

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Daybed One by Another Country

At this time of year the focus inevitably shifts to spending more time indoors. In addition to benefiting from a particularly comforting name (what could be more enticing than the prospect of a bed you can lie about on all day?) the day bed proves itself to be a welcome retreat from the increasingly Autumnal nip in the air – and something of a design icon to boot.

As a piece of furniture, the daybed owes its enduring popularity to a winning mix of elegance and solid practicality. On the one hand, it exudes a certain chic and seems designed to accommodate a particularly sophisticated mode of lounging. Unsurprising then this refined piece of furniture was explored to great effect by arch-modernists such as Eileen Grey and Mies van der Rohe.

Barcelona Daybed designed by Mies van der Rohe for the 1929 Barcelona Pavilion

Paring the sofa back to its essential elements as a practical machine for living, the day bed was a furniture type perfectly tuned to the modernist sensibility.

The Barcelona Day Bed designed by Mies for his German pavilion at the 1929 Barcelona international exhibition, for example, is a true design icon and one of the most celebrated and coveted pieces of twentieth century furniture to this day.

OW 150 daybed designed in 1949 by Ole Wanscher, manufactured by Carl Hansen & Son

Ole Wanscher’s OW150 day bed, designed for Carl Hansen in 1949, is similarly purist in approach, distilling the day bed to a series of simple forms crafted and finished to the very highest standards.

By contrast, William Plunkett’s Kingston Day Bed of 1967 pursued the same elemental refinement but blended it with an expressive quality which is wholly characteristic of its decade.

Kingston daybed by William Plunkett in 1967At the same time, however, the daybed has a very a warm and homely appeal and has been a staple of Scandinavian interiors for decades.

With its clean lines, finely-turned solid wooden base and mattress and bolster hand-crafted using organic coir and lambswool, Daybed One is a rigourously practical and multi-tasking piece of furniture which also happens to be extremely easy on the eye.

Daybed One by Another Country

A big part of the day bed’s popularity is the fact that it takes up less space than many sofas. Consequently it can be fitted into small or awkward spots where a conventional sofa simply wouldn’t work.

Daybed One by Another Country

By day it serves as a comfortable place to sit and chat, read a book or nap, and its base even doubles as a coffee table.

The base of Another Countrys' Daybed One doubles as a coffee table

And by night, it provides an extra bed for guests or family members. However, unlike even the most comfortable conventional sofa, Daybed One provides a surface which is actually designed to be slept on. The mattress can also be replaced, should you so wish – a degree of flexibility not afforded by the standard sofa.

This unique combination of design integrity and adaptability makes Daybed One a contemporary classic and ensures that the daybed continues to be a much-loved addition to living spaces worldwide.

Daybed One by Another Country

icons of modern design currently on sale at twentytwentyone

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twentytwentyone’s summer contemporary furniture sale includes some of the most iconic examples of modern designer furniture, now available with significant discounts.

Royal System shelving

The Royal System is widely recognised both as a benchmark in twentieth century wall shelving design and as an exemplar of midcentury Danish design. Designed in 1948 by Poul Cadovius and recently relaunched by DK3, it consists of a set of standard shelves and desk, drawer and cupboard units which can be combined to create a personalised storage system.

In addition to its typically streamlined Scandinavian styling, the beauty of the Royal System is that it can be reconfigured or extended with ease to adapt to changes in use. It is exclusively available from twentytwentyone and is currently discounted by 15% in the furniture sale.

Dining Table One by Another Country

Another Country is a relatively young design firm but their products are already being heralded as classics of contemporary design. Inspired by both the British and Scandinavian traditions of woodworking, Dining Table One is a refined yet sturdy centrepiece in solid oak, crafted in Europe and currently 15% off in our designer furniture sale.

CH 24 chair by Hans Wegner

The CH 24 is the first chair that Hans Wegner designed for esteemed Danish manufacturers Carl Hansen & Son. Also known as ‘the Wishbone Chair’ on account of its elegantly shaped Y-back, the CH 24‘s gracious curves and enduring appeal have ensured its place in the canon of modern chair design.

This chair is now 15% off in the modern furniture sale. Several one-off, ex-display models of this chair are also in our clearance furniture sale, discounted by 25%: view here.

DSW chair by Charles & Ray Eames

Equally iconic, though very different, is the DSW Side Chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames. The original fibreglass version of 1950 was the first industrially manufactured plastic chair; today the DSW Side Chair is licensed to Vitra and is produced in polypropalene.

Immensely popular and much-imitated, this is perhaps the archetype of the modern chair; it is certainly one of the most readily recognisable examples of twentieth-century furniture design. Now available in a range of colours at 15% off in our furniture sale.

Reflect sideboard by Muuto

The Reflect sideboard, designed by Soren Rose for Danish manufacturer Muuto, is a thoroughly contemporary addition to the classic tradition of Scandinavian design.

The oak unit’s cupboard and drawer fronts have a subtle concave curvature that is enhanced by the play of light, lending an up-to-date twist to an exemplary piece of Danish design which is already a modern classic. Now 15% off in our furniture sale.

Tulip table by Eero Saarinen for Knoll

Eero Saarinen‘s Tulip table for Knoll is another classic of modern furniture design, with a refinement and purity of form that clearly speak of Saarinen’s early training as a sculptor.

Designed in 1957, this is a genuinely timeless piece that sits with ease and integrity in any variety of settings. Available as a coffee table or dining table in a variety of finishes, now reduced by 15% in our furniture sale.

The Penguin Donkey, designed by Egon Riss and manufactured by Isokon PlusThe Penguin Donkey was designed in 1939 by Egon Riss to hold Penguin paperbacks as well as magazines, newspapers and other books. Despite its slightly comical name, this small storage unit has a distinguished pedigree that links it to some of the stellar names in modern design.

It was manufactured by Isokon, the modernist British architectural and design practice established by Jack Pritchard that also employed Bauhaus luminaries Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer. Now reissued by Isokon Plus, the Penguin Donkey stands as an icon of modernism in its own right. It is now reduced by 15% in our designer furniture sale.

View twentytwentyone’s furniture sale here.

View one-off, ex-display clearance furniture sale here.

The twentytwentyone sale ends on 31 July.

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