Tired Man chair: a classic reinvigorated

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Tired Man chair by Flemming Lassen, manufactured by by Lassen

Despite its name, the Tired Man chair is a robust and characterful piece of design that is currently enjoying something of a resurgance.

This charismatic and capacious easy chair was designed by Danish architect and designer Flemming Lassen, who submitted it for the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Competition in 1935. Born in 1902, Lassen was at the vanguard of the Danish modern movement, working alongside Arne Jacobsen on projects such as the pioneering House of the Future and Søllerød Town Hall.

But this dedicated follower of the International Style clearly had a softer side, describing his intention to design a chair that would make its occupant feel “as warm and safe as a polar bear cub in the arms of its mother in the middle of the ice cap.”

Tired Man chair by Hemming Lassen

An immediate success on its initial launch, the Tired Man chair has been consistently recognised as a landmark in modern chair design.

In 2014, a Tired Man chair upholstered in lambskin was sold at auction in Denmark for more than 190,000 euros, becoming the most expensive chair ever sold at auction in that country.


Now, 80 years after it was first designed, the Tired Man has been relaunched by Danish company by Lassen – the family-run company dedicated to preserving the design legacy of Flemming Lassen and his brother Mogens, an equally talented designer.

And in a twist that Flemming Lassen would doubtless appreciate, the reissued Tired Man chair has just been shortlisted in the Comeback of the Year category at the 2015 Danish Design Awards.

A detail of the curvaceous embrace of the Tired Man chair by Flemming Lassen

Of course, many would argue that this icon of Danish design never really went away.

The Tired Man chair is on display at twentytwentyone’s River Street showroom, and can be purchased online.

Henning Lassen's Tired Man chair

icons of modern design currently on sale at twentytwentyone

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twentytwentyone’s summer contemporary furniture sale includes some of the most iconic examples of modern designer furniture, now available with significant discounts.

Royal System shelving

The Royal System is widely recognised both as a benchmark in twentieth century wall shelving design and as an exemplar of midcentury Danish design. Designed in 1948 by Poul Cadovius and recently relaunched by DK3, it consists of a set of standard shelves and desk, drawer and cupboard units which can be combined to create a personalised storage system.

In addition to its typically streamlined Scandinavian styling, the beauty of the Royal System is that it can be reconfigured or extended with ease to adapt to changes in use. It is exclusively available from twentytwentyone and is currently discounted by 15% in the furniture sale.

Dining Table One by Another Country

Another Country is a relatively young design firm but their products are already being heralded as classics of contemporary design. Inspired by both the British and Scandinavian traditions of woodworking, Dining Table One is a refined yet sturdy centrepiece in solid oak, crafted in Europe and currently 15% off in our designer furniture sale.

CH 24 chair by Hans Wegner

The CH 24 is the first chair that Hans Wegner designed for esteemed Danish manufacturers Carl Hansen & Son. Also known as ‘the Wishbone Chair’ on account of its elegantly shaped Y-back, the CH 24‘s gracious curves and enduring appeal have ensured its place in the canon of modern chair design.

This chair is now 15% off in the modern furniture sale. Several one-off, ex-display models of this chair are also in our clearance furniture sale, discounted by 25%: view here.

DSW chair by Charles & Ray Eames

Equally iconic, though very different, is the DSW Side Chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames. The original fibreglass version of 1950 was the first industrially manufactured plastic chair; today the DSW Side Chair is licensed to Vitra and is produced in polypropalene.

Immensely popular and much-imitated, this is perhaps the archetype of the modern chair; it is certainly one of the most readily recognisable examples of twentieth-century furniture design. Now available in a range of colours at 15% off in our furniture sale.

Reflect sideboard by Muuto

The Reflect sideboard, designed by Soren Rose for Danish manufacturer Muuto, is a thoroughly contemporary addition to the classic tradition of Scandinavian design.

The oak unit’s cupboard and drawer fronts have a subtle concave curvature that is enhanced by the play of light, lending an up-to-date twist to an exemplary piece of Danish design which is already a modern classic. Now 15% off in our furniture sale.

Tulip table by Eero Saarinen for Knoll

Eero Saarinen‘s Tulip table for Knoll is another classic of modern furniture design, with a refinement and purity of form that clearly speak of Saarinen’s early training as a sculptor.

Designed in 1957, this is a genuinely timeless piece that sits with ease and integrity in any variety of settings. Available as a coffee table or dining table in a variety of finishes, now reduced by 15% in our furniture sale.

The Penguin Donkey, designed by Egon Riss and manufactured by Isokon PlusThe Penguin Donkey was designed in 1939 by Egon Riss to hold Penguin paperbacks as well as magazines, newspapers and other books. Despite its slightly comical name, this small storage unit has a distinguished pedigree that links it to some of the stellar names in modern design.

It was manufactured by Isokon, the modernist British architectural and design practice established by Jack Pritchard that also employed Bauhaus luminaries Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer. Now reissued by Isokon Plus, the Penguin Donkey stands as an icon of modernism in its own right. It is now reduced by 15% in our designer furniture sale.

View twentytwentyone’s furniture sale here.

View one-off, ex-display clearance furniture sale here.

The twentytwentyone sale ends on 31 July.

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