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The Childsply exhibition was conceived by twentytwentyone to highlight the quality of design for children's furniture.

Twelve designers were invited to develop original designs for use by children. The project brief given to each designer was as follows: "to provide a design for an item of furniture suitable for the requirements of a child aged between one and six years of age."

The designers invited to participate were Shin and Tomoko Azumi, Sebastian Bergne, Barber & Osgerby, Nick Crosbie of Inflate, Robin Day, Matthew Hilton, James Irvine, JAM, Michael Marriot, Michael Sodeau, Andrew Stafford, and Michael Young.

See Saw by Nick Crosbie/Inflate.

Oreo folding table by Shin and Tomoko Azumi.

The charitable project was supported by Isokon Plus, who constructed each design from a single sheet of standard 8 x 4 birch plywood.

The brief stipulated that no moulding of the wood was permitted, although bending without the use of equipment or machinery was allowed.

Climbing frame by Matthew Hilton.

Stepped storage trolley unit by Michael Marriot.

The exhibition closed with an auction at which all designs were sold and all money raised was donated to the Children’s Hope Foundation.

Box Bench by James Irvine.

Desk and chair by Michael Sodeau.

Several designs went into production following the event, and the Hula stool by  Barber & Osgerby continues to be made by Cappellini.

Hula stool by Barber & Osgerby.

The British Council commissioned a second edition of the entire exhibition and Childply subsequently toured the world.

Alphabetti Biscotti by Andrew Stafford

Chair by Michael Young

Shoe and coat locker by Sebastian Bergne.