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In celebration of Lucienne Day's centenary year, Day for Flowers opened at twentytwentyone's River Street showroom on 20th June.

The exhibition was conceived as a tribute to one of Britain's most significant and influential textile designers. It also marked the launch of the Lucienne Day Flower Brick

A limited, numbered edition of Lucienne Day's 1960s flower brick design has been produced by twentytwentyone to mark Day's centenary. 

Day for Flowers saw a range of creative individuals from the design world present their own tribute to Lucienne Day by using her Flower Brick design to create a unique floral arrangement. 

The participating designers are Barber & Osgerby, Paula Day, Max Fraser, Suzy Hoodless, Margaret Howell, Philippe Malouin, Alex Mowatt, Nikki Tibbles and Faye Toogood working with Yasuyo Harvey.

The arrangements they have produced are remarkable for their diversity of form and the variety of flowers and foliage used. Minimal architectural formations stand side by side with abundant displays of colour, texture and shape.  

Above left: Barber & Osgerby. Above right: Paula Day.

Above left: Max Fraser. Above right: Suzy Hoodless.

Above left: Margaret Howell. Above right: Philippe Malouin.

Above right: Alex Mowat. Above left: Nikki Tibbles.


Above: Faye Toogood and Yasuyo Harvey.

Paula Day's arrangement had a particularly personal resonance. Her blooms included cuttings from her mother's favourite 'New Dawn' rose, taken from a plant grown by Lucienne Day but now transplanted to her daughter's garden. 

Above: Paula Day with her display.

The wide variety of effects achieved illustrated the inherent flexibility of this elegantly functional design...

... and of course served as a most fitting tribute to a designer whose enduring works continue to inspire.

Day for Flowers is on display at our River Street showroom until Saturday 24th June.