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twentytwentyone launched the new collection produced by Karimoku New Standard during the 2021 London Design Festival.

Karimoku was established as a woodworking shop in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture in 1940. The Karimoku Group has since grown to embrace wood processing, surface treatments and colour technologies, and Karimoku New Standard was conceived in 2009 under the creative direction of Teruhiro Yanagihara.

Using generations of furniture-making skills, progressive technologies and creative input from an international group of designers, the range has grown to offer a very distinct identity, produced to exacting qualities.

Karimoku New Standard endorses the sustainable use of forest resources and products are predominantly made of solid Japanese hardwoods such as maple, chestnut and oak. Many designs make use of timber from slender-trunked trees that are usually discarded, often becoming wood chips for paper pulp.

The designers working for Karimoku New Standard are an international cross-section fusing European and Japanese sensibilities. The resulting products are versatile, functional and possessed of a quiet beauty.

Products used in exhibition