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twentytwentyone was delighted to host the UK launch of the much-lauded Plus Minus Zero collection during the 2009 London Design Festival.

Designed by Naoto Fukasawa, this expanding series of functional products has received wide acclaim since its inception in 2003.

Plus Minus Zero fuses thoughtful and intellectual content with humane and sculptural qualities. The availability of the Plus Minus Zero collection to the UK market place represented a highly significant juncture in the accessibility of progressive domestic designs to the British customer. twentytwentyone is particularly proud to have been responsible for the distribution of this collection.

As design director of Plus Minus Zero, Naoto Fukasawa has created a collection and brand with unique qualities. As the designer notes: "Plus Minus Zero is trying to create good things in spheres that, while being considered necessary by everyone, haven't really had 'design' applied to them."

"What's clever about his work is that it's very, very simple. and as any designer will tell you, the simpler things seem, the more difficult they must have been to design."
Marc Newson

"He has a natural ability to come up with obvious ideas in unexpected ways, and to combine fun and seriousness in perfect balance. Naoto's work is just better than other people's."
Jasper Morrison