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World Classrooms was a project initiated by architectural practice Future Systems in order to radically rethink the design of the learning environment for school age children.

Envisioned as an ideal space for learning, the Future Classrooms system was pioneered at two schools in Richmond, Surrey: Grey Court Secondary School and Meadlands Primary School.

"Our contention is that the quality of the environment in which we learn, and in particular light, space, colour and sound, make a real difference to how quickly we learn, and how much we enjoy learning. The classrooms of the future must make children feel comfortable and allow them to learn in their own ways. In order to achieve this, the design must be able to accommodate a number of different learning scenarios. We intend to construct a series of 3 factory built classrooms which will draw on the most advanced thinking in architecture and design combined with the best practical educational expertise and the technologies not simply of today but of tomorrow. These learning spaces will be both beautiful and inspirational."
Future Systems

twentytwentyone were commissioned to provide furniture for the scheme.

Architect / designer:
Future Systems

Display date: 
Tue, 06/08/2004

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