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Esme Winter

Esme Winter is a London-based modern product collection of applicable surfaces for useful objects, decorative ends and sartorial finishes.

Esme together with her partner, Richard Sanderson, invest themselves in a kind of design that wraps, ends and lines objects. The quality of each product comes out of conversations with those practiced individuals they trust to be their makers; from this they share an understanding that finishing touches are very often invisible yet add the most value.

Their personal values, like their aesthetics, are classic. Both Esme and Richard have inherited an object-based appreciation for antiquarian books and the quality of design that they represent.

Esme is the image maker; each patina is a happy product of her interests (artists like Enid Marx and Barbara Hepworth), experience (in bespoke design and interiors) and education (textile design at the University of the West of England). Together with Richard (a designer and illustrator) they tell a simple, elegant design story that started at their kitchen table and continues to expand into new areas, all the while covering, tying and completing.


Esme Winter