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Peter Nelson

Peter Nelson (1928 - 2009) was born in Austria and educated in England.

He spent the early part of his career working in the aeronautics industry, contributing to the design and manufacture of cast aluminum passenger aircraft models. During this time he collaborated with Howard Hughes on the development of the triple-tailed, four-engined Lockheed Constellation aircraft.

Nelson left the aeronautical industry to concentrate on lighting design and engineering, founding the company Architectural Lighting in 1961. Predominantly executed in aluminium, Nelson's exemplary modernist designs are noted for their refined technical appearance and precision engineered finish. The cuboid switch blocks hand-milled from solid aluminium that feature on many of his table and floor lights are a characteristic detail.

These sophisticated and minimalist lights were enthusiastically received when launched and were stocked in Habitat and Heals during the 1960s.


Peter Nelson