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Berga Form

Berga has manufactured furniture for over 100 years. It all began in 1896. And it was always about wood. After 1945 Berga manufactured wooden doors, loaded onto railroad wagons just next to the factory in Berga, bound for buildings in war torn countries in Europe. The wood, mainly spruce and pine, was supplied from the deep forests of Småland, the province of Sweden where Berga is located.

The manufacturing of the doors left unwanted piles of wood waste. With ingenuity and with a strong sense of thriftiness, one of the largest sales successes in Berga’s history was created; the lamella glued tables in pine. During this time, there were very few homes without a pine table from Småland and most probably from Berga.

For the last 35 years however, production at Berga has primarily been about furniture for the outdoors. Berga furniture was designed by individual Scandinavian designers, among them “H55”, designed by Björn Hultén in 1955 as well as “Viken” by Gunilla Norin.

In 1945 Berga Snickerifabrik, which included the factory and the sawmill, was purchased by three gentlemen, Robert, Karl and Josef with Robert and Karl being the grandfathers of the present owners and cousins, Andreas and Eva. The two feel that the heritage and background are still very much a part of who they are and where they come from; production of furniture, mainly in wood, with a strong Scandinavian design profile. Well-made furniture, made to last even in rough outdoor conditions in Sweden. Berga is still located in Småland.

Today, however, Berga has decided to broaden their horizons, beyond Småland and Scandinavia and are very proud to present a new collection and additions to our range. The new range representing the very best of international designers.


Berga Form