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Sola Cube, 2018

Manufactured by Usagi no Nedoko


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Sola Cube by Usagi no Nedoko.  

Stand: £14 -30% now £9.80 

Cubes: £36.50 -30% now £25.55  

Sola Cubes celebrate the compelling detail of botanical life by capturing and preserving dried seedheads and plant forms within small acrylic cubes. 

The name Sola derives from the Chinese kanji meaning 'universe' or 'sky', suggesting the infinite variety expressed within something so small as the seed of a plant.

Sola Cubes are handmade in Japan using an exacting process. Plant samples are first dried and then placed in a mould and surrounded by liquid acrylic. These are then placed in a vacuum kiln and pressurised to force out any air bubbles. Once dried and perfectly transparent, each cube is cut to shape and sanded to create a smooth shape with gently rounded corners which is a pleasure to hold in the hand. 

The following botanical varieties are available: Japanese walnut, Fennel flower, Dawn redwood or Balloon plant seed. 

A stand for individual Sola Cubes is also available, consisting of two elements in walnut wood that slot together to create a simple X-shaped stand. 


Sola Cube: 4w x 4d x 4cmh
Sola Cube stand: 4.5w x 2.5d x 4.5cmh

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