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Having your gift list with twentytwentyone means you can guarantee you will receive lasting gifts that you will love.

It is a free service designed so your colleagues, friends and family can purchase specific items or collectively contribute towards larger purchases. Simply create a list or fund which can be managed via our Showroom or online.

Gift list options

Create your own individual list of items.
Create a gift fund to purchase an aspirational piece, or to combine for a selection of items from the twentytwentyone collection.

Choosing your type of list

Our vast collection of furniture, lighting and accessories will provide you with great choice.

If it is something a little bit more luxurious you have your eye on then you may be able to obtain this through a gift fund to which your guests can contribute to.

How it works

Option 1 - Bespoke gift list at twentytwentyone

1. List confirmation:

Once items have been selected you will be sent 2 copies for your confirmation. If you would like to make any amendments they can be made at this point. Please sign and return one copy of the amended list by post or fax within 10 days, we can then make any amendments to your list and your list will become 'live'. Guests can begin to make purchases either through our shop or online.

2. List updates and closure of list:

If required, you can receive a list update at any time by email or view the list online. At the time agreed we will send you a full update of purchases made. Your list will close on the agreed date.

Option 2 - Gift fund

This allows your guests to pledge a monetary gift enabling you to combine funds to purchase a special piece of furniture, lighting or homeware.

1. Guests can contact us directly on 0207 837 1900 or and register their name, details and best-wishes to the recipient. 

2. In addition, we would like to include a special thank you note to guests with an image of the wished item that they are helping to fund. This is optional, but helps guests to visualise the item they are helping you to attain.

Ordering items

All items on the list, which are not in stock, will be ordered when the list is closed. This allows for alterations or pledging of additional money to complete sets, for example. Our aim is to deliver the goods to you as soon as possible but manufacturers delivery times, should be taken into consideration. Once the final order is placed we generally cannot accept any further changes.

To set up an account, or for further enquiries please contact us via email or by phone on 0207 837 1900.