twentytwentyone in-store summer sale 2015

June 26, 2015 · 0 Comments

twentytwentyone summer sale

Our in-store summer sale starts on Saturday 27th June. This event is held at both premises and includes one-off ex-display furniture, lighting and accessories with a range of discounts up to 75%.

Meanwhile, our online summer sale offers 15% reductions on orders across furniture, lighting and rugs.

The sale ends on Friday 31st July.

Nanimarquina – rugs with a conscience

June 24, 2015 · 0 Comments

Medina rug by Nanimarquina

Nanimarquina rugs are notable for their bold and innovative contemporary designs, but the company is equally remarkable for its socially and environmentally responsible ethos.

Since the 1990s Nanimarquina has outsourced its production to India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, enabling it to draw on an unrivalled body of craftsmanship and expertise. Today, each Nanimarquina rug is hand-crafted in community workshops where time-honoured, traditional techniques of weaving and hand-knotting are proven to produce the best possible results in terms of finish, performance and integrity.

Nanimarquina rugs are woven using time-honoured techniques

In addition to providing secure employment and working conditions for local communities, these workshops maintain respect for and encourage the preservation of traditional artisanal skills. Remarkably, no electricity is used in the manufacture of a Nanimarquina rug.

Traditional tools used in the crafting of a Nanimarquina rug

From start to finish, each product is handmade and finished using tools which have been developed for this purpose over generations.

Each Nanimarquina rug is hand-finished

As part of its respect for the cultures and communities on whose expertise it draws, Nanimarquina is committed to an exacting code of environmental responsibility. The company promotes the use of biodegradable and recycled products and works to eliminate toxic chemicals from the dying and manufacturing processes used to make its rugs.

Nanimarquina does not use any toxic chemicals in its production process

The company also works closely with a number of charitable organisations dedicated to improving the lives of those who live and work in the areas where rugs are produced. In addition to its involvement with initiatives such as Care & Fair, Nanimarquina donates a percentage of its sales to fund an extensive school-building and education programme for local children.

Nanimarquina supports a range of local education projects

This unique combination of contemporary design, traditional craftsmanship and global conscience ensures that each Nanimarquina rug is very special indeed. twentytwentyone is proud to stock their striking and exemplary designs.

Losanges rug by R&E Bouroullec for Nanimarquina

twentytwentyone summer sale 2015

June 19, 2015 · 0 Comments

twentytwentyone summer sale

Our summer sale starts online Saturday 20th June.

We will be offering 15% reductions for orders across furniture, lighting and rugs.

Our in-store sale begins on Saturday 27th June at both premises and includes one-off ex-display furniture, lighting and accessories with a range of discounts up to 75%.

The sale ends on Friday 31st July.

Outdoor accessories – 5 designs to inspire

June 18, 2015 · 0 Comments

Outdoor accessory ideas
Summer approaches and the great outdoors beckons. twentytwentyone’s collection of design-led, classic and contemporary outdoor accessories is specially selected to help you transform your outdoor space, from seed sets to bee hotels. We’ve chosen 5 designs to inspire you.

1. Water feature

Haws long reach watering can

Whether you are watering a few pots or extensive flowerbeds, the Haws long-reach watering can is perfectly balanced so that it can be used full, half-full or empty without placing undue strain on the user. The longer spout ensures a constant watering pressure while the brass rose creates a fine spray that won’t drown plants. A classic piece of functional design and an elegant object in its own right.

2. Instant atmosphere

Ignis firebowl by Skagarek

Firebowls offer an easy way to create a fireside atmosphere in any outdoor space. The Ignis firebowl, designed by VE2 for Skagerak, is light enough to be moved about with ease and placed wherever you wish. The bowl is made of weather-resistant, rust-inhibiting Corten steel, and the legs ensure the device is ideal for use on decking or other surfaces that cannot withstand high temperatures. Its portability makes it perfect for beaches and camping trips and means that ashes can be emptied out in an instant.

3. Shade solutions

Messina parasol by Skagarek

Create welcome shade and shelter with the Messina parasol by Skagarek. Its minimal form is reminiscent of Asian sunshades, while the combination of white fabric and wood suggests a maritime look. The fabric shade is teflon-coated to repel water and dirt and the durable meranti wood frame will complement all outdoor spaces.

4. Outdoor games

Outdoor games: Corknet table tennis set and Akiko Petanque boules set

Outdoors isn’t just for relaxation and contemplation. Corknet by Julian Bond is an ingenious way of transforming any flat surface into a table tennis table. Made from natural cork, this lightweight set is portable and easy to store, making it ideal for holidays as well as homes. For a gentler form of exercise, the Petanque set by Akiko Kuwahata for Skagerak contains a traditional French boules set within a beautifully constructed carrying case.

5. Animal sanctuaries

Georgian birdhouse and bee hotel

Add interest to outdoor spaces with ornamental products that encourage wildlife and benefit the eco-system. The Georgian birdhouse by Tomoko Azumi for TNA Design Studio provides an ideal home for blue tits and robins, laser-etched with a Georgian house design and topped by a recycled period roof tile. Geoffrey Fisher’s bee hotels attract solitary bees and are hand-carved from sustainably sourced wood. Both are as pleasing to the eye as they are beneficial to the environment.

twentytwentyone shop bag by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

June 11, 2015 · 0 Comments

Bouroullec bag for twentytwentyone

twentytwentyone launches its latest cotton tote bag featuring exclusive designs by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Each design is a response to the traditional screen printing technique employed in the making of the bags. Following tests on how the ink laid on the unbleached cotton, the Bouroullecs achieved their desire for strong, graphic designs with a deep textural quality.

Bouroullec bag for twentytwentyone

The twentytwentyone cloth tote is made from unbleached, fair-trade cotton and is produced in an edition of 1500.

Robin Day Centenary Edition Reclining chair

June 11, 2015 · 0 Comments

Robin Day centenary blog image

Robin Day was born 100 years ago on May 25, 1915. To mark his centenary, twentytwentyone has collaborated with a select group of designers to compose an editorial of one of Robin’s enduring furniture designs, the Reclining chair, and pay homage to one of Britain’s most gifted and industrious designers.

Day designed the Reclining chair in 1952.

Robin Day Reclining chair

Reflecting on his work half a century later, he considered it to be amongst his most successful products, noting that it was ‘an early design showing a clearly articulated structure. The slim steel rod frame cradles a shaped upholstered unit and timber arms which can also serve as shelves for glasses, etc.’ (Robin Day, 2007)

Robin Day Reclining chair

Robin Day Reclining chair past and present

The Reclining chair is produced by twentytwentyone in the UK, licensed and endorsed by the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation.

Robin Day Reclining chair, twentytwentyone

Now, twentytwentyone has invited ten of the UK’s foremost designers to upholster the Reclining chair in a textile of their choosing.

The contributing designers are Barber Osgerby, Ilse Crawford, Tom Dixon, Martino Gamper, Kenneth Grange, Matthew Hilton, Margaret Howell, Michael Marriot, Jasper Morrison and Terence Woodgate.

Day Reclining chair Centenary Edit

Each has faced the challenge of choosing a textile that that appeals to their own personal design criteria while resonating with the chair’s original spirit and character – and perhaps also drawing a smile from Robin in the process. The results are an enlightening union of classic and contemporary and a respectful tribute to a great designer.

Robin Day

The Reclining chair Centenary Design Edit will be launched on 1st July with an installation of the ten designs at the twentytwentyone showroom, and will be available to order following the launch. In keeping with Robin’s philosophies, these will not be limited or up-charged, and are priced purely to reflect the cost of the material.

The twentytwentyone initiative forms part of the 2015 Robin Day Centenary Celebrations which will culminate in a number of London Design Festival events, including a Robin Day exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

twentytwentyone June newsletter

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twentytwentyone June newsletter

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Pico Pao – games without rules

May 21, 2015 · 0 Comments

twentytwentyone is pleased to introduce two games from Pico Pao into their collection. Pico Pao is a workshop with a long history of craftsmanship. It began in 1979 in Lubián, a small Spanish village nestled in the mountains on the border with Portugal. Pico Pao is the name of the local woodpecker who can been seen (and heard) in the valley where the workshop originated.

Las Sillas game

The workshop began in an old house whose poor inhabitants used their ingenuity to be able to make use of any material they came across to make finely crafted children’s toys. Here were made the first wooden replicas of old-fashioned toys, along with reproductions of old cameras and copies of traditional, pre-industrial looms.

Las Sillas game

Today Pico Pao is in the process of re-founding the workshop and focusing its activity on designing and perfecting original games. The newer games, which belong to the collection Ludus Ludi, are notable for their lack of rules. The games can be viewed more as exquisite raw materials for experimentation, for the stimulation of abstract thought, for the interpretation of random discovery and for the playful enjoyment of the senses through direct contact with artistic objects.

Las Sillas game consists of 15 schematic and unadorned, almost skeletal chairs. The chairs can be piled up, stacked, left scattered on the floor or grouped into random shapes of difficult equilibrium. El Balacin game is a collection of seemingly arbitrary shapes which can be used for stacking, building and balancing.

twentytwentyone May newsletter

May 13, 2015 · 0 Comments

May Newsletter


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Alumi outdoor chair

May 1, 2015 · 0 Comments

Industrial Facility’s Alumi chair joins our outdoor collection of classic and contemporary designs.

Alumi chair

Alumi chairInspired by public furniture such as staircase balustrades and handrails, the lightweight contemporary aluminium armchair features oversized armrests and legs, and is finished in a choice of powder-coated colours.

Ideal for outdoor use, Alumi is weather resistant and stackable, perfect for patios and balconies all year round. The design is also accompanied by a compact table with a distinctly modern appearance.

ALumi chair

Founded in 2002, London based design studio Industrial Facility work on a wide range of industrial design projects including the Nava bottle watch, Chantry Modern knife sharpener and the Branca chair and table.

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