Candles to create festive atmosphere

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Ildhane candleholder by Anderssen Voll

Few things are as atmospheric and instantly inviting as candlelight. A time-honoured way of creating a special ambience, candles come into their own at this time of year and bring a sense of occasion and warmth to festive gatherings.

Ildhane candleholder and glo tea light holder by Anderssen Voll

twentytwentyone’s collection of candle holders, sconces, scented candles and incense offers all you need to help create an air of seasonal celebration in the home.

For Christmas 2015 twentytwentyone was able to exclusively offer the Idlhane candlestick by Anderssen Voll (shown above), an appealingly bird-like and sculptural cast-iron candle holder.

For Christmas 2016 the designers have followed the success of Idlhane with Glo, a tactile tea light holder (below left).

Glo tealight holder by Anderssen Voll and Moment candle holder by Lars Fjetland

Lars Fjetland’s Moment candlestick (above right) has a similarly functional and expressive form.

The ingenious design has a spring-loaded arm that flips down to extinguish the flame when the candle burns past a certain point, making it both safe and easy to clean.

Cafu candlesticks by  Holmbäck Nordentoft and Nappula candlestick by Matti Klenell

If more refined materials are called for, Holmbäck Nordentoft’s Cafu candle holders (above left) and Matti Klenell’s Nappula candlestick (above right) combine smoothly sculptural forms with mirror-polished stainless steel and brass. Ideal as centrepieces for your table or as decorative objects in their own right.

The Lily Candlestick (below) is a classic of Scandinavian design, conceived by Ivar Alenius Bjork in 1939 and enduringly popular in the present day.

Lily candlestick by Ivar Alenius Bjork

By contrast, wall-mounted candle sconces are a striking way of introducing candlelight to the home.

Pierre Forsell’s sconces have a precise elegance that reflects the Swedish designer’s training as a silversmith. Designed in the 1950s, they exemplify the timeless qualities of classic Swedish design.

Reflex and Pendel wall sconces by Pierre Forsell

Reflex (above left) and Pendel (above right) refine the traditional light source into a sleek ornament that brings a fascinating play of reflected light and shade to interior spaces.

Scented candles offer a further enhancement of the atmospheric effect of candlelight and twentytwentyone’s selection includes examples that capture the character of two very different parts of the world.

Scented scandles from Skandinavisk and Haeckels

Danish company Skandinavisk’s candles are perfumed to evoke the landscape and culture of Scandinavia, with a range of fragrances evoking pine forests, fjords and that most Hygge of occasions, Christmas.

Margate-based brand Haeckels are inspired by a very different landscape: the Kent coastline. Their scented candles capture the essence of a bracing coastal walk through salt marshes sheltering sea birds, wild fennel and lavender.

Finally, there’s no reason why your box of matches should let the side down.

Strike matches and Lup candlestick by Shane Schneck

Shane Schneck’s Strike matches (shown above with his copper wire Lup candlestick) look as appealing as the candles they light, with their simple coloured boxes decorated with a patterned striking strip.

For further inspiration, view twentytwentyone’s range of candles, candle holders, scented candles and incense here.

20 designers for the next 20 years

On November 8, 2016 · 0 Comments

twentytwentyone is 20 november edit

twentytwentyone celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2016.

To mark this milestone we have issued a series of monthly edits focusing on some of the visionary designers, makers and manufacturers that have made the past two decades so stimulating and inspiring.

In November, we celebrate a rising generation of designers whose diverse work is united by its originality, distinction and enduring quality.

View the edit in full here.

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