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Greta Grossman

Greta Grossman (1906 - 1999) was a relatively unknown and almost forgotten designer until her designs were rediscovered and reproduced by Gubi. She had a prolific forty-year career and established herself as a key figure during this time in both Sweden and California.

Her achievements encompassed industrial design, interior design and architecture. In 1933, having successfully completed her fellowship at the renowned Stockholm arts institution, Konstfack, she opened Studio, a combined store and workshop.

During the 40's and 50's Grossman exhibited her designs at museums worldwide, including MoMA in New York and The National Museum in Stockholm.

Her most iconic products include the Grasshopper floor lamp and the Cobra floor and table lamps. In 1950, the Cobra lamp won the Good Design Award and was subsequently exhibited at the Good Design Show at the Museum of Modern Art.

Grossman was highly influenced by European Modernism and she played a significant role in defining the aesthetic of mid-century Californian Modernism.

Today, Grossman's designs are highly collectible and are sold at auctions all around the world.


Greta Grossman