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Lucienne Day

Lucienne Day OBE (1917 - 2010) is Britain’s most distinguished textile designer of the 20th century, esteemed for her acute understanding of pattern, colour and scale.

In Lucienne Day's centenary year twentytwentyone is celebrating her life's work by re-issuing her Flower Brick design in a centenary numbered edition.

The Flower Brick was launched with Day for Flowers, a collaborative exhibition which sees ten distinguished figures from the world of design honour Lucienne Day by creating their own floral displays using the Flower Brick. 

Day gained international recognition from early on in her career, and received a multitude of awards for her work, which is represented in museums worldwide.

Lucienne and her husband, the furniture designer Robin Day, are revered for the essential part they played in bringing contemporary design to Britain after the War. The concept of "art for the people" was realised as a result of Lucienne's dedication to creating exciting abstract patterns for mass-manufacture, with notable designs such as the Calyx print adorning most contemporary British living rooms.

Her vibrant pattern design and inspired use of colour are unmistakable and remain highly influential. Drawing on nature's inspiration, Lucienne took common geometric forms - flowers, grass, the patterns of a landscape - and rendered them new.  

The Lucienne Day teatowels were originally launched in 1959, and were acknowledged with a Design Centre Award in 1960. The designs illustrate the sensitive, original and progressive talent of one of Britain’s true creative spirits.


Lucienne Day