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Created in the 1940s as a family business dedicated to casting metals, Marset has always applied the knowledge acquired from decades of experience to become a trademark with a young outlook associated with a solid market presence and global vocation.

Marset aims to take care of light in its different nuances and effects, to create atmospheres with character, helping to improve people’s quality of life. They are dedicated to creating first-class designs seen at their best, expressed in the flawless completion of each project.

Marset’s lamps are contemporary, innovative and clever. Through the application of technical precision and creativity, they constantly aim to discover new functions to provide other uses for their long lasting lamps. Marset have a constant quest for new directions, combined with their curiosity and ability to envisage the shape of things to come.  

The main characteristics of their collection are its authentic feel, meaningful simplicity and the decorative factor integrated with a restrained approach. The collection exemplifies the company’s endurance and constant adaptation done throughout their existence.