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London-based studio Tiipoi was founded in 2014 with the aim of creating functional and timeless designs for the home.

Founder and creative director Spandana Gopal is inspired by the design ethos of the Indian subcontinent, where the scarcity of materials and objects inspires creative innovation and improvisation. As Gopal observes, "We're talking about a common sense attitude to consumption... where nothing is wasted, and innovation, though often frugal or homespun at first, comes from a lack of something rather than an excess of it."

Tiipoi works with small-scale workshops and independent craftsmen to produce a range of designs that maintain a sense of connection with the process of making while serving as purposeful, beautiful and satisfying objects in their own right.

“Rather than say I am creating contemporary Indian design, which I may or may not be doing, I am going back and looking at where Indian design already exists in the everyday," says Spandana Gopal. "To me, good design is invisible to the eye – it’s taken for granted because it’s so effective.”